Do Something Today
For Their Tomorrow

Throughout our life, we all do what we can for those we love, but what happens when you’re no longer there? Do something positive today by creating your ultimate ‘contact list’ and leave your loved ones in no doubt as to ‘Who Needs to Know’ when you’ve gone.
Tell them how you’d like your life to be remembered and leave messages to let them know how much they meant to you. Record all this information here in one easy to access place and provide your nearest and dearest with the answers to the most difficult of questions.
Do something today for their tomorrow.

There Is No Greater Wealth In This World Than Peace Of Mind


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Protect your loved ones from the dilemma of uncertainty at the most difficult of times. Simply complete this section to record details of how you want your life to be remembered and celebrated. Click 'Get Started' to ensure there's no second guessing your final wishes.




Send a final farewell to those who touched your life. Leave a written message or upload photos and videos, to be sent to friends and family after your passing; a lovely reminder of how much you cared. Click 'Get Started' to leave nothing unsaid.

Who needs
to know


Register your ultimate contact list here, and let your loved ones know exactly who to contact in the event of your passing. This easy to complete section can be filled out in your own time and changed as often as your life does. It also acts as a great online file for all your useful numbers that can be accessed anytime, anywhere! Click 'Get Started' to start planning for tomorrow, today!