For When I Am Gone makes it incredibly easy to record all your 'Who needs to know' contact details in one place for your loved ones to find.  By giving between 2 and 6 trusted individuals permission to view this information, you are providing valuable and time-saving assistance to be given without fuss at the most difficult of times.  When required, they will instantly be able to download a pdf of all your necessary contact details for the practicalities of your life.  All the little stuff like your optician, electricity supplier, council tax, magazine subscription, gym memberships.  And all the big stuff too - like where your Will is kept, who you bank with, and where to find all your important documents and passwords.  We've also found that it's really useful to have all this information in one place for other times in your life too, e.g. moving house or when paperwork is lost or destroyed!

But you can do more than that - you can also tell your friends and relatives how you'd like your life to be celebrated and what kind of funeral you'd prefer for yourself.  Saving them the pain and uncertainty of planning your final farewell.  Or you may want to leave messages for loved ones to tell them what they meant to you.  It's all do-able right here.

By joining today you'll be doing something incredible for the future.  You'll also have peace of mind that you've helped those dearest to you right up to the very end.


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There is no greater wealth in this world than peace of mind